Sunday, August 9, 2015

Abbot Suger in Stained Glass

I wanted to add four more pictures of two panels of stained glass from windows at the Abby Church of St. Denis, now the Basilica Cathedral of St. Denis.

Portraits of the Abbot Suger appear in both the Annunciation Panel of the Nativity window and next to the reclining Jesse in the Jesse Tree panel.  The Abbot Suger in the Annunciation panel is mostly 19th century restoration and his portrait is a total 19th century restoration in the Jesse Tree panel.

Abbot Suger appears as a kneeling monk at the feet of Mary in the Annunciation panel of the Nativity window at the east end of St. Denis.  The head and hands of the monk are 12th century glass and most of the rest is 19th century.
Photo credit: Painton Cowen

Detail of the above window.

The other panel is one of a monk presenting a model of a Jesse Tree window.

Detail of Abbot Suger presenting a model Jesse Tree window.  Abby Church of St. Denis, Jesse Tree window, 19th century.

The panel of Abbot Suger is the bottom right panel of the Jesse Tree window.  The center panel to the left is Jesse reclining in bed.  A lamp burns.  East end of Abbey Church of St. Denis, France. 19th century restoration.

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